E-num Client

E-num client is a client program of the E-num Usage authorization system that is intended for generating unique access codes for WebMoney programs and seevices.

There are several versions of the E-num client for modern mobile phones (with Java MIDP 2.0 support), communicators and PocketPC's, as well as for biometric identification devices (fingerprint scanners). Registered users of the E-num system can simultaneously use one or several E-num clients.

Detailed information about different versions of the E-num client can be found in the following articles:

Using the E-num client is free.

OS How to install Link
Java MIDP 2.0 Java Download from the personal profile Download
AndroidAndroid Download from Google Play Market
iPhoneApple iOS Download from Apple AppStore Apple AppStore
Windows PhoneWindows Phone Download from Windows Marketplace
Samsung Bada Download from Samsung Apps
Nokia Belle Download from Nokia Store
Nokia Meego Download from Nokia Store
Blackberry Download from BlackBerry World

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